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Выживаем в космических симуляторах

Иногда в космических симуляторах найдутся добрые космонавты и объяснят, почему ваш корабль был подбит. Это, конечно, редкость и в данном случае старожил этого самого симулятора вначале подбил бедного Noctis, и только после пояснил. Тем не менее, если одна из задач вашего пребывания в игре - выживание с минимальными потерями, будет небезинтересно почитать.

[15:44:09] Система EVE > Канал изменен на Локальный: <localized hint="Arvasaras">Arvasaras*</localized>
[16:05:31] Koshei Bessmerthi > Xomana> привет=) поймал кого?
[18:48:37] Sir Gankalot > When it comes to tanking, one should not forget the Noctis is already paper thin and that doesn't get any better with expanded cargoholds on it Kill: Shanv Vahy (Noctis)</url>
[18:48:43] Sir Gankalot > So tank your ships
[19:15:10] Sergey Odunen > Rus en Divalone о/
[19:15:58] Rus en Divalone > :) привет Сереж
[21:16:41] Sir Gankalot > Kill: Faye-Tality (Covetor)</url> Tank your ship, read mannuals!
[21:18:44] Faye-Tality > how bout you go fuck yourself
[21:19:38] Sir Gankalot > I might do that, won't save your barges from being ganked though. Reading the guide I just linked and following it's advice will though :)
[21:20:30] Faye-Tality > awe well arent you so sweet
[21:22:40] Sir Gankalot > I wouldn't say sweet, I'm a bit rough around the edges, but seriously, go read that guide and use the info in it to your advantage.
[21:23:40] Sashaya Freir > Sir Gankalot is the type of guy that shoots rabbits from 2 feet range, when they're tied up
[21:23:45] Sashaya Freir > with a shotgun
[21:24:01] Lugh Crow-Slave > damn not much rabbit left then
[21:24:05] Sir Gankalot > only if they are untanked :)
[21:24:42] Lugh Crow-Slave > you cant properly tank a T1 barge long enuf to last in .5
[21:25:37] Buffalo Hunter > sure you can
[21:25:39] Sir Gankalot > yes you can, Procurer
[21:26:09] Sir Gankalot > or even a well tanked Retriever, the covetor is the worst of them all when it comes to tank though, and this one was completely untanked
[21:27:00] Lugh Crow-Slave > i'll give you <url=showinfo:17480>Procurer</url> but retriever your gunna need some skills to manage
[21:27:06] Lacus Cline > Put your money where your mouth is bring out your best ret and prove it
[21:28:52] Sir Gankalot > I've ran across retrievers that would be touch and go, ofcourse they were completely tanked, no mining upgrades, no survey scanner and all rigs dedicated to tank. Damage control and reinforced bulkheads
[21:29:54] Sir Gankalot > And I would  <url=showinfo:1373//91749897>Lacus Cline</url>, cept I don't have any retrievers nor can I fly one.
[21:31:21] Sir Gankalot > But I'll go and do some EFT warrioring on the numbers just to be sure.
[21:32:15] Lacus Cline > Id still like to call you out as a hypocrite till you fly a tank ret and can prove yourself that you know and have done it you should shut up
[21:38:29] Sir Gankalot > Lows: mining laser upgrade II, Reinforced bulkhead II, damage control II, Mids: adaptive invul field II, Highs: T2 strips, rigs: anti thermal screenm anti kinetic screen and core defense field extenders: 21815 EHP against  <url=showinfo:12612>Void S</url>
[21:38:59] Sir Gankalot > that means that no way in hell you can solo gank it with a single catalyst.
[21:39:13] Lugh Crow-Slave > you cant solo gank -.-
[21:39:19] Lugh Crow-Slave > you need a gang to gank
[21:39:32] Sir Gankalot > that's just semantics :)
[21:39:41] Lugh Crow-Slave > lol
[21:40:51] Sir Gankalot > and you could even replace that one mining laser upgrade for some armor hardner I reckon for even more EHP against Void.
[21:42:12] Sir Gankalot > But you're prolly way better off just getting a procurer that can a shit load more tank and costs half of what a retriever costs
[21:43:58] Sir Gankalot > Now who wants some shot gunned rabit? Mrs Gankalot made a stew from what I brought back from the hunt! \o/
[01:59:18] Westly Crutcher > lol
[05:35:01] Lugh Crow-Slave > oh thnk god you warped
[05:35:09] Lugh Crow-Slave > i have a PvE fit
[05:38:23] Shakawendi Wallsfell > we'll play later
[05:39:19] Lugh Crow-Slave > lol i'm fine i dont pvp i just didn't want to risk you in the belt with almost 1bill in assets
[05:39:46] Shakawendi Wallsfell > I am a salvager only on this toon, no worries
[05:41:33] Shakawendi Wallsfell > but the bounty, it requires at least a little pain for the foolishness
[05:48:31] Lugh Crow-Slave > lol i was 1 glad you had a tank cuz i feel shitty killing anyone in highsec 2 that you didnt have a pvp fit
[05:49:10] Tarris Rain > Anyone watch Shakawendi Wallsfell. He be swip'in cargo
[05:49:37] Shakawendi Wallsfell > seriously, I never PcP fit on this toon.  and I never have enuf invested in it to mind being killed.
[05:50:22] Keridwyn Rain > Thats fine... Next time dont run and well help out with that
[05:50:42] Lugh Crow-Slave > she gits a little mean
[05:51:27] Shakawendi Wallsfell > wow, said i diodn't mind, not that I'd volunteer.  lol
[05:51:58] Tarris Rain > Well If I find you again on my boxs..
[05:52:25] Lugh Crow-Slave > you know you can save your anger for when gankalot is on
[05:52:58] Lugh Crow-Slave > this guy cost 4mill he has cost well over 300mill to our corp
[05:53:16] Shakawendi Wallsfell > enjoy your evening.
[05:53:22] Lugh Crow-Slave > fly safe

Симулятор космоса Eve Online - жестокая штука, но и он не лишен человеческого лица иногда (: