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Космос будет скоро Датским?

Иногда я встречаю европейцев.. Некоторые СМИ моей страны говорят о том, что это дыни, которые не соображают. Неожиданно выяснилось, что им просто похуй. Не только на меня, а и на пропаганду о моей стране. Смысл пропаганды про пропаганду мне известен, не могу отрицать, что её нет в сопредельных странах, но мне какбыпох.. Еще момент - с датчанином я был знаком и до этой космической встречи, впечатления - лучше не бывает. Вот-вот:

[20:06:58] Re1veN > yo, Denmark?
[20:08:46] Re1veN > have never visited, but going to..
[20:09:20] Jasper Jakura > jep, where you from
[20:09:50] Re1veN > just guess, and you will win (:
[20:10:33] Jasper Jakura > England?
[20:11:00] Re1veN > there is some clue in my info, not bio though
[20:11:13] Jasper Jakura > russia
[20:11:40] Re1veN > perfectly right you are!
[20:11:56] Re1veN > <url=showinfo:30013//9001020533000128037>Core Scanner Probe I*</url>
[20:12:09] Re1veN > yours?
[20:12:16] Jasper Jakura > yep
[20:12:58] Re1veN > don't kill me, if you find (:
[20:13:26] Re1veN > I suffer well enough (:
[20:13:36] Jasper Jakura > somebody blew up my explore ship today so taking some time to locate.. lol mee too
[20:14:16] Re1veN > never scan anyone, but my corpmates do
[20:14:43] Jasper Jakura > yeah i know, have marked your corp as terrible standing
[20:15:33] Re1veN > i know, sorry for that, but in here we are like main force
[20:15:51] Jasper Jakura > doing what?
[20:16:12] Re1veN > sorry for my english, don't use it enough for practice
[20:16:40] Re1veN > theese sistems for us as homeland
[20:17:08] Re1veN > any stranger is as a point..
[20:17:09] Jasper Jakura > these system is homeland for your corp?
[20:17:16] Re1veN > yep
[20:17:44] Re1veN > for my ali, to be exact
[20:17:54] Jasper Jakura > ok, and you are attacking outgrowth rogue drone hive?
[20:18:25] Re1veN > nope, i attak only lvl5 and never drones
[20:19:39] Jasper Jakura > k
[20:20:08] Re1veN > yep
[20:20:51] Jasper Jakura > why never drones?
[20:21:16] Re1veN > cfuse don't like change fit
[20:22:00] Re1veN > and have  <url=showinfo:2629//1015149806105>Scourge Fury Heavy Missile*</url> - just against Galls
[20:22:35] Jasper Jakura > i guess your are flying tengu?
[20:23:03] Re1veN > my stand to Caldary is so high, that i don't care for drones
[20:23:55] Re1veN > almos everyone flies tengu on the missions in my ali
[20:24:14] Jasper Jakura > why tengu? donøt have the skills myself
[20:24:41] Re1veN > tengu is the best for solo lvl5
[20:25:40] Jasper Jakura > k, does bc ship have a chance against a tengu or should i always try to run
[20:26:37] Re1veN > bc never have chance against tengu without support
[20:26:42] Re1veN > too slow
[20:27:16] Jasper Jakura > well since i don't have the skills for a tengu is there any ship within my range i could use?
[20:27:42] Re1veN > love Mega myself, but not against T3
[20:28:13] Re1veN > it depends, what do you want
[20:28:52] Jasper Jakura > hmm gues i just do what i allways do run as hell
[20:29:02] Re1veN > tengu is too good to kill
[20:29:31] Jasper Jakura > just way too many pirates around uses tengu or loki
[20:29:57] Re1veN > nope, learn proteus, but even though, who knows the fit
[20:30:55] Re1veN > if you ever want to have the money from the game, learn tengu
[20:31:41] Re1veN > if you want something else - depends on you
[20:32:12] Jasper Jakura > ok thanks still need a lot of skill training
[20:32:28] Re1veN > you bet (:
[20:33:02] Re1veN > if you want to play solo, tengu i the must have
[20:33:41] Re1veN > is, not i
[20:33:49] Jasper Jakura > yeah i guess, just hate the waiting time
[20:34:22] Re1veN > everybody does, eve loves patience (:
[20:35:03] Jasper Jakura > hehe i don't, especially not when experinced players gank mee
[20:37:02] Re1veN > experinced players always do what they like to, take some time
[20:38:27] Re1veN > lowsec is the most hostile place, as i remember from my early days
[20:38:45] Jasper Jakura > true :(
[20:39:11] Re1veN > it's still true, see?! (:
[20:52:44] Re1veN > <url=showinfo:30488//9001020533000141470>Sisters Core Scanner Probe*</url> ??
[20:53:25] Jasper Jakura > <url=showinfo:1375//1290856729>ShadowNeo29</url>
[20:53:58] Re1veN > I know who
[20:54:26] Jasper Jakura > meet him before?
[20:54:45] Re1veN > he is red to my ali
[20:55:00] Jasper Jakura > also here
[20:55:08] Jasper Jakura > lost 2 ships to him so far
[20:56:09] Re1veN > they do kemps hre from time to time, it's close to border
[20:57:34] Re1veN > their home in the next low
[20:58:05] Jasper Jakura > which?
[20:59:28] Re1veN > it's not here, but we don't fly there when agent say
[20:59:49] Re1veN > close to here
[21:04:51] Re1veN > <url=showinfo:4//20000592>Tinnimerci*</url> or  <url=showinfo:4//20000781>Urpiken*</url>
[21:05:01] Re1veN > someplace there
[21:05:23] Jasper Jakura > k thanks my agent just told me he was in Anin
[21:05:47] Re1veN > nope, Anin os ours
[21:05:51] Re1veN > is
[21:06:02] Jasper Jakura > k but he just was there
[21:06:14] Re1veN > he was through
[21:06:35] Re1veN > i se in my ali they were about him
[21:06:55] Jasper Jakura > k
[21:11:44] Re1veN > well, my friend, I'm done with my mission, hopefuly, your mass media don't make my nation as ouful (misspell, i know) as we really are. hope to see you again one day, and any help in space from me guarranteed. safe flights to you!
[21:12:13] Jasper Jakura > thanls you too :)
[21:12:26] Re1veN > be good! (:
[21:12:35] Jasper Jakura > always are :)
[21:13:03] Re1veN > and sorry for my alimates, if ..
[21:14:06] Система EVE > Канал изменен на Локальный: <localized hint="Nannaras">Nannaras*</localized>