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Как быть с предателями в EVE Online?

Recruitment & Awoxers
Отправитель: Degarion Soth
Дата отправки: 2012.05.07 02:25
Кому: Tribal Dragons,


First time we've dealt with this since being in null sec but here's a quick rundown of how recruitment and awoxers goes.

Basically you need to be very careful about who you recruit; be aware that if you have recruited an awoxer YOUR corp pays the cost of the ships destroyed as a result of that person.

Hopefully this is a good incentive to not just recruit without checking out someone via references, previous killboard history and them actually having a history ingame.

It happens, it's part of the failtard side of the game but with a bit of care over recruitment it can be minimised.

This is just a friendly reminder to not recruit failtards but be aware if it happens more than the leadership deem normal for null sec we will have to enlist a recrutiment style that isnt much fun.

Todays failtard is: a powerfulforce  << awoxer... if you see him in local and your not part of a gang setup to deal with him and his goon buddies then i suggest you dock up ;)

Have fun in eve online, fly safe and remember failtard recruitment is bad mkay!


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